DAAAHLING! Beauty Studio is Here

DAAAHLING! Beauty Studio is Here

So what is Daaahling? Daaahling is a mood, it’s a feeling, an expression, it’s a greeting and a snarky response, but even more than that, Daaahling is the name of my new beauty studio in #Charlotte. I am naturally a very animated woman and I live for grand gestures. Daaahling is a permanent part of my language and I use it quite often, so when I thought about what to name my studio, I wanted to have a word or phrase that represented what my desire was for myself, not just an expression. Ultimately, the last several years have taught me what it means to love and take care of myself. I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 30 years – I am the expert. I’ve served as a professional artist, beauty editor, a principal in research and development, a national educator for global brands and I am surely a woman who really enjoys the luxuries and rituals of simplified, high-end beauty. I truly love what I do and I always have, but after a lengthy illness and recovery, I needed to decide what I wanted to do with this next chapter of my life. After months of trying to find the right place, the right fit, the right company, the right timing, nothing seemed to work. So after acknowledging how disheartened and disappointed I was, I decided to take a step out on faith and I placed a few calls. I was no longer concerned about someone else fitting me. I am the answer I’ve been searching for. #BeYourOwnAnswer #SayYesDaaahling!


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