It’s Thanksgiving! Stand Out or Stand Down

It’s Thanksgiving! Stand Out or Stand Down

Choose This Day to Love YOU More

Happy Thanksgiving. Give thanks and don’t be afraid to stand out. We were created to be who we are and that’s pretty special. I used to want to fit in. Never have, never will. It’s far more interesting to BE who I am, as I am. My life is far from ordinary, in fact, there is rarely a dull moment. I’m loud, funny, I laugh fully and often with the entirety of every muscle in my face and body. I’m unapologetic about who I love and what I believe, yet choose to learn to learn more and love better. I’m animated, demonstrative, I’m gifted, I’m free and most of all, I’m here. Deal with it. 😉 Here’s how:

First, choose ye this day to love YOU more. You are your recharge, a never-ending source of energy and light. Next, choose to show up in your own life. We do ourselves a disservice when we choose to show up for everybody else but ourselves. It’s neglect and a form of violence against ourselves. Finally, stop chasing dreams so you can start living them. Dreams are nice. They are sweet. They make us feel good about our future. Dreams also cost if we don’t find a way to make them manifest in our lives. Dreams are profitable if we use them to feed action. Let nothing and no one stop you.

Most of all, leave room for the joy of the unexpected.

Give thanks for the wonder of each day. The holiday season is in full swing and there is no better time to show off! Serve up a nice heaping of you for Thanksgiving.


The time is now… And daaahling, this time is yours!

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