CARONISM:Photography – Womanity

CARONISM:Photography – Womanity

I’ve been a photographer and journalist for a long time, but I’m also a disabled vet. This has led to lots of stops and starts. My health issues took over my life for a long time and with it pain, depression and a complete and absolute shift in how I approach my life and work. I am an award-winning hair and makeup artist and spent over 30 years in the beauty industry in artistry, education and editorial. I have a lot to give and I do so willingly.

I believe in the power of women. That’s why I’m here. In this (5th or so) restart of my life and career, I want to give something back to her. The woman. The one who doesn’t know she can begin again. And again. And again. That her life, her love, her sensuality is not lost, this life is indeed a series of beginnings.

And I choose to begin again, now.

Allow me to reintroduce myself. This is CARONISM:Photography.